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Obviously, our government is broken and can’t solve the jobs problem, but we can. The only thing different between now and 2007 when the employment was great, is our attitude. In late 2007 our government started telling us that things were not going so well. What was our reaction? We believed them. We cut back on our buying causing businesses to cut back on hiring and eventually laying people off. It was a self-fulfilling prophesy. The less we spent, the more businesses cut back.

Now let's reverse the process! As individuals, those of us that can, need to start spending again, but most importantly businesses need to start hiring even if you don’t have a job opening. Let say there are 7 million businesses in the US and 14 million unemployed persons. If on the average each business only hired one unemployed person we would be back to the 2007 unemployment rate and on the way to a healthy economy again.

The reason this works is that 7 million new hires, through their purchase of goods and services, are now providing additional revenue to 7 million businesses, revenue which these businesses can use to pay the wages of the 7 million new hires. The secret is that all businesses would have to hire an unemployed worker at the same time and agree to keep that person for at least 90 days. As an incentive for businesses to hire a new worker the government could agree to pay the business the worker's unemployment benefits for 3 months. The hope is that at the end of 3 months the economy would be doing so well that employers would want to keep the new hires on a permanent basis.

Get together with all the businesses in your community and ask them to commit to hiring a new person. Identify and support those businesses that follow through. Laying someone off and hiring a new person does not count. The total number of employees must increase by at least one.

What do you think?

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